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Raised/Contributed by the LCV Action Fund's Give Green

LCV Action Fund’s GiveGreen, which is the largest “bundling” program in the country devoted exclusively to raising money for pro-environment candidates, is a critical tool for showing the power of environmental donors and getting candidates the resources they need to compete.

Tim Kaine

George Allen

Virginia Senate Race

LCV Program: $2 Million

The race pitted former Gov. Tim Kaine, who is committed to building a clean energy future, against former Sen. George Allen, who has just a 1 percent LCV lifetime score. Our program involved two major components: 1) During the summer, we partnered with Majority PAC on a $1.2 million TV ad campaign. We aired a second ad with Majority PAC in the final weeks of the campaign. 2) We ran the largest mail program in the race, sending up to seven pieces of mail to more than 500,000 households, reaching 1 out of every 7 voters.