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Raised/Contributed by the LCV Action Fund's Give Green

LCV Action Fund’s GiveGreen, which is the largest “bundling” program in the country devoted exclusively to raising money for pro-environment candidates, is a critical tool for showing the power of environmental donors and getting candidates the resources they need to compete.

Martin Heinrich (D)

Heather Wilson (R)

New Mexico Senate Race

LCV Program: $380,000

Pundits expected the race between clean energy champion Rep. Martin Heinrich and three-time Dirty Dozen member former Rep. Heather Wilson would stay close through Election Day. In the summer, we partnered with five other environmental groups to collectively invest nearly $2 million in the race, running a TV ad campaign, robust mail program and targeted canvass operation. During that period, we went toe-to-toe with Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce, yet Heinrich opened up a nine-point lead and Wilson was never able to recover.