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Raised/Contributed by the LCV Action Fund's Give Green

LCV Action Fund’s GiveGreen, which is the largest “bundling” program in the country devoted exclusively to raising money for pro-environment candidates, is a critical tool for showing the power of environmental donors and getting candidates the resources they need to compete.

Chris Murphy (D)

Linda McMahon (R)

Connecticut Senate Race

LCV Program: $300,000

After spending $50 million trying to win a Senate seat in 2010, it was clear that Linda McMahon would spend heavily again. Indeed, McMahon spent $15 million over the summer to reinvent herself and close the gap with Rep. Chris Murphy, a longtime environmental champion with a lifetime LCV score of 98 percent. LCV Action Fund launched a six-piece mail program to reach 90,000 households in the state. Our program focused solely on households in the expensive New York City media market, where mail provided an efficient way to communicate with voters.