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Raised/Contributed by the LCV Action Fund's Give Green

LCV Action Fund’s GiveGreen, which is the largest “bundling” program in the country devoted exclusively to raising money for pro-environment candidates, is a critical tool for showing the power of environmental donors and getting candidates the resources they need to compete.

Barack Obama (D)

Mitt Romney (R)


LCV Program: $2.2 Million

The presidential race offered a stark contrast between President Obama, who championed clean energy and made meaningful progress on the climate change, and former Gov. Mitt Romney, who mocked clean energy and treated climate change as a punchline. In the final weekend before the election, with Hurricane Sandy jump-starting a national conversation about climate change, LCV released a third presidential ad, which highlighted Romney’s indifference to solving the climate crisis. This national cable buy helped to further elevate the issue of climate change just as voters were heading to the polls.